Learning English through YouTube (Channel Recommendations) YouTubeを使った英語学習(オススメ番組):その2

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Hello again! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. In my previous post, I talked about how you can use YouTube to study English. In this week’s blog, let’s look into YouTube English learning channels which I personally find helpful for you, our dear readers. Each of these channels has their skill focus and I suggest that you choose the one which you find most interesting and suitable for your needs. Let’s get started then! 

1. Rachel’s English
I first knew of this channel when I was browsing for some pronunciation drills. I was impressed to find out that she has a lot of great English language learning videos available in her channel. Aside from learning about the sounds of English and the American accent (which is her channel’s focus) it also offers a variety of videos that will help you improve your English like learning new vocabulary and speaking practices for different daily life situations and business settings. The content creator also has a very pleasing personality and soothing voice which will make you feel at ease all throughout watching her videos.
これは私が発音の演習についてネットを探っていて知ったものなの。彼女のすごいところはたくさんの英語学習用番組をもっていることね、おどろいたわ。英語の聞こえ方やアメリカンアクセント(彼女の番組のメイン)にとどまらず、新しい単語や様々な日常 / ビジネスシーンでの会話スキル向上に役立つものまであるわ。製作者の心地よいパーソナリティーと気持ちを和らげるような声が番組を視聴していて心地よいわね。

2.Happy English Michael DiGiacomo- American English Teacher
https://www.youtube.com/user/happyenglishny ; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUV6rtHj6CTl3gH1BkbA66w/videos

This channel is run by another American English teacher. His channel’s main focus is his 1 minute 1 point lesson videos. I find these videos really simple and easy to understand. He also makes discussion videos for useful English phrases. The best thing about this channel is that he has Japanese subtitles in his lesson videos. He also makes podcasts so you can listen to some English audio even when you are busy doing other things. He has a secondary channel that caters to younger students where he, alongside a Japanese teacher, teaches English using a reference book.

3. BBC Learning English- British English
If you are keen on and want to know the differences between the British English and the American English, then this channel is for you. Just like the first ones mentioned in this list, they also produce English learning videos but what makes their videos particularly special is their focus on the tricky grammar points. They also have lots of vocabulary learning videos which are always useful in bettering your English skills. The channel also teaches useful English words and expressions when discussing timely conversation topics.  It is indeed a great source for interesting and useful learning content!

4. Learn English with TV Series
This one is quite different from aforementioned channels. I personally love watching TV series and I can’t stress enough the importance of using other learning materials like TV series, movies, podcasts just to name a few. The channel takes scenes from the TV shows and breaks down the words and phrases used in the conversations. It also picks out and explains the nuances and all the other minute details in the conversations that are crucial in knowing the proper usage of those words and expressions. Japanese subtitles are also available in this channel’s videos.  

These are the awesome channels that made it on my list for this week’s post! There might still be more great channels I haven’t discovered yet. I’m still in a continuous search for other good YouTube channels that will make English learning more fun. But for now, I hope you found these recommendations quite helpful. Till next time!

-Teacher Marilou 🌼 


  1. at ease (成句)free from worry or awkwardness; relaxed:苦痛なく
  2. tricky (形容詞) having concealed difficulty:手の込んだ / 扱いにくい
  3. aforementioned (形容詞)- denoting a thing or person previously mentioned:前述の
  4. minute (形容詞)very small:とても小さな ※発音注意