My eureka moment #3 – As it is / 私のユーリカモーメント 3 – 「As it is(そのままで)」の使い方

My students usually find it difficult to translate their sentences with そのまま in English. I’d like to solve this confusion once and for all in my 3rd eureka moment entry.


Please take note that pronouns should have an antecedent. Take as ‘it’ is. What is ‘it’? There should be a noun mentioned before ‘it’ so that your sentence makes sense. And of course, the be-verb should always agree with its subject. Hence, as “it is.” Let’s put this theory to practice:

まず注意してもらいたいのが「前置詞」は「それを指す名詞」があるものよね。でね、「as “it” is」の場合、この「”it”」は何をさす?そう、この「it」より前にある名詞をさすことがわかればちゃんとした文章が作れるようになるわね。そしてもちろん「be動詞」がその主語にあわせて続き、たとえば「it is」って具合になるわけ。この理屈で練習してみよう。

I drink coffee as it is. I don’t put any sugar or cream.

Why do we use ‘it’?
Because coffee is a non-count noun and it is referring to coffee.


I don’t peel apples. I eat them as they are.

Why do we use ‘they’?
Because ‘apples’ is a plural noun and they is referring to apples.


They say that this bread tastes good as it is.

Why use ‘it’?


Don’t change. Stay as you are.  

Why use ‘are’?


Were you able to figure it out? Did you get your eureka moment?

See you in the next blog!


-Teacher Mina ✌️

My eureka moment #3 – As it is / 私のユーリカモーメント 3 – 「As it is(そのままで)」の使い方” に対して1件のコメントがあります。

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