Learning English with news apps (ニュースアプリで英語学習)

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Consuming news and information in all its various forms is a good way, if not, the best one to know the current events in your local area and around the world. This can also be a great way to step up your language learning game. Below are some news apps for beginners to improve your English while keeping yourself posted with the latest happenings!

1. Study Now
Study Now is a news digest designed for Japanese students of English. It comes as a mobile phone application that features news articles in English with Japanese translations which make it a lot easier for Japanese learners, especially the beginners to understand. Another good thing about this app is that they breakdown words and phrases used in the article and include Japanese translations in it. The news article also includes a study points section with thorough explanations of some vocabulary used in the text.

Mobile phone version: Available on Appstore and Google Play

「Study Now」は英語を勉強する日本の生徒さん向けにデザインされています。英語ニュースの記事を日本の特に初心者のひとたちにも理解しやすいように日本語訳をつけてあるスマホアプリ。このアプリのさらにいいところは、記事内の単語やフレーズをわけて日本語訳をつけてること。「study points section」では、テキスト内で使ってるいくつかの単語についてしっかりとした説明までつけてるの。

「Applestore」「Google Play」でダウンロード可能です。

2. LissN
LissN is a news learning app created by Nikkei Inc. This app helps improve students’ reading skills as well as listening skills. An English audio is being played while you are reading through the news transcript. Listeners can adjust the pace of the audio according to level. They also highlight useful vocabulary and enable learners to easily take note of them. This app records the time you spend listening and learning the news articles, which I find an advantage of using it. It is just an incredible way of tracking your progress!

Mobile phone version: Available on Appstore and Google Play


「Applestore」「Google Play」でダウンロード可能です。

3. Eigo Listening (英語リスニング)

英語リスニング is a learning smartphone application by StudySwitch Education which features news articles in English with Japanese subtitles and an accompanying audio file. Much like LissN, you can also modify the pace of the audio and learn a couple of vocabulary words used in the text. What is

interesting about this app is that you can choose which subtitles you would like to appear on your screen. You can have Japanese subtitles, English, both or none!

Mobile phone version: Available on Appstore and Google Play

「英語リスニング」は「StudySwitch Education」が作った学習用スマホアプリで英語ニュース記事に日本語字幕とオーディオファイルがついてきます。「LissN」と同様にオーディオの速度調整ができて記事内で使われている単語勉強ができるわ。このアプリのおもしろいところは、スクリーン上に表示したい字幕を選べること。英語、日本語、字幕なしのいずれかをね。

「Applestore」「Google Play」でダウンロード可能です。

If you are thinking of taking on the challenge of reading news articles, one of these apps might just be the one for you. Hope you find this list useful for your study! I will be back in the next one with more recommendations. Please look forward to that as well!


-Teacher Marilou 🌼


  1. consume (動詞)to use fuel, energy, or time, especially in large amounts 消費する、費やす
  2. keep someone posted (表現法) to make sure someone knows what is happening, esp. in a situation that is quickly changing 最新の情報を定期的に伝える
  3. thorough (形容詞)- detailed and careful 徹底して

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